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P.O. Box 1291, Fort Valley, Georgia 31030


Directions to the range: From the Butler/Reynolds direction, turn right toward Fort Valley on Hiway 96 at the Hiway 49 bypass intersection and turn right on Gun Club Road. Pass through the pecan orchard and go straight until the road turns to dirt & gravel and then go farther until you cross the RR tracks. DO NOT SPEED THROUGH THE HOUSING AREA!! There are lots of children and pets! PLEASE RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS!! From Fort Valley on Hiway 96 West, at the 2 mile marker turn left on Gun Club Road. Follow as noted above. From Byron, take Hiway 49 South to the 49/96 bypass on your right just outside of Fort Valley. Follow the bypass for several miles until you see a left turn onto Hiway 96 to Fort Valley. Take the left onto 96 and then turn right on Gun Club Road. Follow the road as described above.

GPS Coordinates: 32.548409 - 83.932387


The Fort Valley Gun Club is an NRA Affiliated organization dedicated to primarily Rifle & Pistol shooting events. Our mission is to promote gun safety and awareness at the same time that we enjoy friendly but spirited shooting competitions. While we are a membership club, all monthly competitions are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Please visit our "Matches & Results" page for scheduled matches, match fees and rules. Everyone is welcome regardless of their experience level. SAFETY is paramount and all safety rules are enforced for everyone's protection. A "Porta-Potty" is on site for your convenience. Bring your own food, water or soft drinks as none is available on site. 







MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION - The Fort Valley Gun Club is a limited membership club with a cap of 150 members. The club requires two members in good standing to sponsor a prospective member. The way to meet members is to participate in club matches and come out for work days. Match schedules are listed farther down this page and are open to the public. Work days will also be listed. The club looks for those who will benefit the club by participation in activities and serve as Match Directors and/or Officers. Prospective members must undergo a criminal background check by local law enforcement authorities at their own expense. However, a current CCW that Georgia recognizes as valid, or a current FFL will satisfy the background check requirement. Once accepted, a new member must complete a mandatory range orientation and safety briefing.

                                                               Presently, the club is at capacity. A current waiting list of 7 people is now being gone through which is likely to take a couple of years to deplete. Anyone wishing to become a member should consider becoming known by participation in club activities. The wait to become a member is considerable so be prepared to be patient. If this information hasn't answered all of your questions, contact the webmaster through the link at the bottom of this page. 

MONTHLY CLUB MEETING - The monthly club meeting is held on the first Saturday of the month from February through October on the upper range. It begins at 12:30 PM. Only members in good standing are allowed to participate. All guests and visitors must stay on the other side of the Range Officers booth until the meeting is over. Important information and policies are discussed and voted upon so all members are encouraged to attend and let your voices be heard. THE CLUB'S ANNUAL MEETING WILL BE HELD ON 1 APRIL. NEW OFFICERS WILL BE ELECTED. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND!

MEMBERSHIP CARDS - Replacement cards now cost $5 each. This is to offset the expenses of materials and the cost of mailing. If you need a new card, please contact any member of the Executive Committee or email the Webmaster.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For information not included on the home page, click HERE to access the information page.

SCHEDULED MATCHES: All matches scheduled to be shot each month will be listed below by date. Some matches are held each month all year. Some matches are only scheduled for part of the year. To view detailed information and the annual schedule for each match, visit the "Matches & Results" page where each match is described in detail. With the exception of the Tactical Matches, each match is the same from month to month although the Match Director has the authority to make changes as he/she sees fit. The Tactical Matches vary each month as determined by the Match Director. While a tentative Tactical Match list is posted, events may be changed at the Match Director's discretion. 


                                                                                         Saturday,  1 Apr  -  CENTERFIRE BENCHREST MATCH. This match will begin promptly at 10:00 AM. DO NOT BE LATE!!  This match will be 100 yards. Matches consist of five stages featuring five bulls eyes plus a sighter target per stage. As many sighters as needed are allowed but only one scoring shot per bull for a total of 25 scoring shots with a possible of 250-25X. Compete in your class. Great fun for only $7.

                                                                                                                           -  .22 BENCHREST MATCH. This match follows the monthly club meeting at approximately 11:30. It is shot from the benches on the Long Range at 50 yards. It will be shot on the IBS 50 yard target with four sighter bulls and 25 scoring bulls. Each scoring bull will be shot 1 time for a total of 25 scoring shots and a possible of 250-25X. The sighter bulls may be shot as many times as desired. The 10-ring is .5" and the X- ring is .1" in diameter. The time limit is 25 minutes for sighters and scoring shots. There are two classes: Custom and Sporting. Cost per match is $5.00. A tremendously fun match, it's proving to be popular so come out and enjoy yourself. (NOTE: There is a new YOUTH CLASS for shooters 18 years of age and younger. Those below the age of 12 will require an adult to supervise them. The new class will allow our young shooters to learn the basics of benchrest shooting while competing against only those in their age group. All other rules apply.)


                                                                              Thursdays, Every Week  - RETIRED OLD PEOPLE (ROP) MATCH.  This match will be shot on the Long Range on each Thursday every week. The match will begin at 10:00 AM.  While primarily for our retired members who are off on Thursdays (and every other day), all club members are welcome. We shoot "cheap" .22LR cartridges at 50 yards on the IBS 50 yard target. "Cheap" means any .22LR cartridge that would have cost $7 or less per box of 50 pre-Covid. More expensive ammo is not allowed. We shoot two targets for score. Each target has 25 scoring bulls and four sighting bulls. The shooter may fire as many sighters as necessary and 1 shot on each scoring bull for a total of 25 scoring shots within the time limit of 25 minutes. Thus we shoot 50 scoring shots plus sighters. A possible would be 500-50X. This match is FREE although a $5 fee is collected from each shooter when targets must be bought; about twice a year. Any .22 rifle and scope may be used. A scope of at least 14X (higher is better) is recommended. The match is shot from the bench using a rest or sand bags. The winner has bragging rights until the next match.                                                                                           

                                                                                             Saturday,   8 Apr  -  ARCHERY MATCH. Full information including cost, classes etc. may be found HERE. Sign in is between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Please see the map above for directions to the club. 

                                                                                             Saturday,  15 Apr -  CENTERFIRE BENCHREST MATCH. This match will begin precisely at 10:00 AM and you must be ready to shoot on time. This match will be 200 yards. The match will consist of five stages with 5 bulls eyes per stage plus a sighter bull. You may fire as many sighter shots as needed but only one shot per scoring bull within the 10 minute time limit. Total scoring shots will be 25 for a possible score of 250-25X. Compete in your class for the nominal fee of $7.

                                                                                                                               - .22 BENCHREST MATCH. Begins immediately after the Centerfire Benchrest Match so be there NLT 11:00 AM. This match will be shot from the Long Range benches; IBS 50 yard targets at 50 yards. Any rifle shooting .22LR cartridges and any .22LR cartridge is permitted. Scopes of 20X or more are suggested as the bulls are very small. Match fee will be $5. For more information contact Match Director Walker Smith at (478) 397-5854

                                                                                                                                - TACTICAL SHOOTING MATCH. Setup begins at 8:00 AM and the match begins at 9:00 AM. This will be a Pistol Caliber Carbine Match. Dress for the weather and bring your own refreshments and food as none is available on the range. Hearing and eye protection is mandatory. Match specific details will be posted when I get them. For more information, please contact the Match Director, Bob Stringer, at (478) 919-4727

                                                                                              Saturday, 22 Apr - FAMILY & FRIENDS SILHOUETTE MATCH.  The gates open at 8:00 AM and the match begins at 10:00 AM. This match is for the whole family and is shot from the bench. Shooters under age 15 must have an adult supervising them at the bench. Targets - Chickens, Pigs, Turkeys and Rams - are set at 40, 60, 77 meters and 100 yards respectively. Cost for the match is $7. For complete rules and instructions, please go HERE.








The oldest NRA Affiliated Gun Club in Georgia


    President: Bob Stringer   Vice-President: Walker Smith

Secretary-Treasurer: Gary Kretsinger    Executive Range Officer: Larry Mabe

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