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RULES: This page is a benefit of membership. Any active Fort Valley Gun Club member in good standing may post shooting related items only on this page. Non-members may purchase from members but will not be permitted to post here. ALL SALES are private and between the seller and buyer. The Fort valley Gun Club has no means of controlling private sales and thus accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY and will not be held liable for anything resulting from an item offered here. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the member to ensure that all transactions are LEGAL!! This page is a courtesy to our members to make their items available to other club members or the public. Items can remain on this board for 60 days but can be extended if requested.

To Post your items, send a description, a price if for sale or indicate trade only and a contact number to: FVGC Web Master. Wanted items can also be posted. To verify your membership, please provide the gate lock combination in your email or your posting may be delayed until I can speak with the Secretary-Treasurer to confirm. Only the first name of the seller will be posted here. NO FULL AUTO OR OTHER NFA ARMS OR ITEMS WILL BE OFFERED HERE!

Digital pictures can be posted. Email them just as they come from the camera and I'll do the final sizing etc.


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For Sale: Savage Model 12 Precision Long Range Varmint rifle chambered in .223 Remington. 1:9 twist, stainless steel action and barrel. 20 MOA scope rail. Manual included. Stock is fiberglass HS Precision for ultimate accuracy. This is a top of the line Savage rifle that's perfect for the bench or for varmints. Extremely accurate with a fully adjustable Accu-Trigger. Right hand rifle with left loading single shot port. Low round count and like new. Current price is about $1200. Sell for: $950.00

For Sale:
Leupold 45x45mm Competition Target Scope in like new condition. Target turrets, sunshade and Butler Creek flip-up caps. HARD TO FIND SCOPE!! Scope alone - if you can find one - sells for $1100.00 without sunshade or caps. Box included. Sell for: $900.00.

For Sale: Rock Island Arsenal 1911-A1 pistol in 9mm. Like new. Less than 4 boxes of cartridges fired and function was perfect. Red fiber optic front sight and fully adjustable target rear sight. Skeleton trigger and beavertail grip safety. Hogue exotic hardwood double diamond grips plus factory grips. $425 firm. Alvin 478-258-2477
For Sale: BuckMark Pro Target five and one half inch bull bbl. Asking $350. SOLD!!

For Sale: Browning Reflex Sight & Rail for Browning Buckmark Pistol. Sell for $44.00

For Sale; Misc Items. Lockable heavy duty 2-gun travel case with wheels, $100 (not pictured but undamaged)

Ammo, .257 Wby Mag 100-gr Norma SP, 5 rounds plus 15 once-fired brass,

Loading equipment, .22-250 Lee Deluxe die set (full length, collet neck sizing, seating & shell holder),

Lee Loader for .243,

24 each new or once-fired(?) 22-250 Norma brass,

For Sale: Winchester Teddy Roosevelt 150th Year 45 Colt Commemorative cartridges. Winchester made a limited collector's production run of these cartridges in 2007. They are exceedingly rare, especially in an as-new original box of 50. The cases are nickeled and the head stamp reads "ROOSEVELT 45".
Own this box for $75 firm.

For Sale: Three boxes of .45 Colt (AKA "Long Colt") Cartridges. Each box sold separately for $25 Each.

Charles 478-956-2915

For Sale: Speer .338 semi-spitzer bullets. At one time they were a favorite moose bullet but were discontinued several years ago. Minor tarnish on the finish. Box of 50 for $20.00.

Jim 478-952-3412

For Sale: .22LR Cartridges. Brick of RWS Target Rifle: $75.00. Brick of SK Standard Plus: $55.00. Federal Auto-Match, box of 325: $17.50.
All unopened and in perfect condition.



For Sale: Remington 700 Benchrest Rifle chambered in 6BR. Professionally tuned single shot action. Krieger Barrel, 1:12 twist. Jewell trigger. Mounted in an HS Precision BR stock with second HS Precision Varmint stock included. Both stocks have been custom bedded with this barreled action. Approximately 800 rounds fired. This rifle is in excellent condition. Scope and rings not included. Rifle and two stocks for $1250.00 Dies, brass and bullets available at extra cost. Tom 478-952-5220

For Sale:
Winchester Lightweight Model 70 in 7x57mm (7mm Mauser). It's the same as the Featherweight except for the stock and checkering. This is the PERFECT deer rifle/cartridge combo and in EXCELLENT condition with fewer than 50 cartridges fired through it since new. Before he became famous for the .270 Winchester, the 7x57mm cartridge may have been Jack O'Connor's favorite game cartridge.   I bought this rifle new and quit deer hunting not long after. It has a few minor marks and a small chip at the fore end of the stock. Complete with a Bushnell 3~9X scope in Redfield/Leupold rings & mount. IT CAN BE YOURS FOR $600.

For Sale:
CZ-527 Lux in .223 Remington. A hard to find rifle in one of the most popular calibers ever. Turkish walnut stock, single set trigger, detachable magazine and a mini-Mauser controlled feed action. Hammer forged 1:12 twist 23 inch barrel. Light, VERY accurate and the perfect field or woods rifle. CZ lists it at $733. When in stock, Buds Guns gets $659 - $679. In EXC condition, very low round count, box, manual etc., (No scope or rings) REDUCED TO $525.00 FIRM.

For Sale:
Remington Model 700 CLASSIC chambered for the 6.5x55mm Swedish cartridge. The Classic series were made in a single caliber for one year only. The 6.5x55mm Classic was made only in 1994. Walnut stock, cut checkering and a 22" barrel. This rifle has been a safe queen and has a very low round count; less than 50. However, that was enough to display consistent sub-MOA 3 shot groups. The 6.5x55mm cartridge may be the ideal deer cartridge. Low recoil, superb accuracy and extremely effective terminal performance. This rifle doesn't come on the market often and the last one sold on Gun Broker brought $995. My price is firm but very reasonable at $800.

For Sale:
Lyman Pro Touch 1500 electronic scale. Reads both grains and grams. Accurate to .1 grains. Powered by 110V or 3 AA batteries. Includes original box, instructions and calibration weight. Excellent condition, works great and perfect for the reloader. Typical on-line price is $78 plus shipping. I'll sell this one for $60.00

For Sale:
RCBS Competition dies. First is a full length set for .223 Remington. Includes FL sizing dies, extended shell holder and Micro-adjustable seating die for precise bullet seating. Features an open window that makes seating the bullet extremely easy. Second die is Miro-adjustable seating die for .308 Winchester. Includes the die and extended shell holder. Both dies are in excellent condition.

.308 Die typically sells on-line for $75 plus shipping. I'll sell for $60.00

Additional reloading items for sale, all in excellent working condition: Lyman Model 55 power measure; $60.





For Sale:
Browning Invector Plus extended choke tubes by Briley for 20 Gauge. Set of 7; Cyl., Skeet, Imp. Cyl., Lite Modified, Modified, Imp. Modified and Full. Wrench included. Excellent for Sporting Clays. Sell for $225.

Tom 478-952-5220
For Sale: Five Guns! Click on the thumbnail image to see the guns more clearly.

1. Mossberg MVP Varmint/Predator with Nikon 6~18X40 Scope. Chambered in .308/7.62. Like New: $400.00
2. Beretta Silver Pigeon 686 Over/Under in 20 Gauge. Like New: $1200.00 OBRO
 3. Beretta 686 Onyx Pro Over/Under in 28 Gauge. Like New: $2200.00 OBRO
                                   4. Beretta 391 Teknys Urika Semi-Auto 20 Gauge. Like New: $850.00 OBRO
 5. Beretta Maxima Camo with Kick-Off. Semi-Auto in 12 Gauge. Like New: $1200.00 OBRO

For Sale:
Remington XP-100 rifle in .308 Winchester. Bolt action, single shot, heavy varmint barrel in a laminated thumbhole varmint stock. 20 MOA Picatinny scope rail. This model was only sold to dealers and is rare. Excellent condition and only $800.00.

For Sale:
Tikka T-3 rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. Heavy barrel, beautiful multi-color laminated thumbhole stock. Action and barrel fully Dura-coated. Less than 20 rounds fired from this rifle. Rifle, scope and rings sell separately. Rifle only is $750.  Scope only is $375.

Butch 478-956-3542
For Sale: AR-15 20 inch heavy barrel with Wylde chamber for both .223 & 5.56 NATO cartridges. M-4 feed ramps. Spiral fluting, Parkerized and uses a .750 gas block with rifle length gas tube. Twist is 1:9. Brand is Bear Creek Arsenal who sells this barrel for $133 plus shipping. Roughly 100 rounds fired through it. Sell for $90. Walker 478-397-5854



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