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RULES: This page is a benefit of membership. Any active Fort Valley Gun Club member in good standing may post shooting related items only on this page. Non-members may purchase from members but will not be permitted to post here. ALL SALES are private and between the seller and buyer. The Fort valley Gun Club has no means of controlling private sales and thus accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY and will not be held liable for anything resulting from an item offered here. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the member to ensure that all transactions are LEGAL!! This page is a courtesy to our members to make their items available to other club members or the public. Items can remain on this board for 60 days but can be extended if requested.

To Post your items, send a description, a price if for sale or indicate trade only and a contact number to: FVGC Web Master. Wanted items can also be posted. To verify your membership, please provide the gate lock combination in your email or your posting may be delayed until I can speak with the Secretary-Treasurer to confirm. Only the first name of the seller will be posted here. NO FULL AUTO OR OTHER NFA ARMS OR ITEMS WILL BE OFFERED HERE!

Digital pictures can be posted. Email them just as they come from the camera and I'll do the final sizing etc.


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For Sale: Caldwell Joy Stick front rest. This Caldwell rest has been modified by adding a joy stick to make adjustments quick and easy. If you're on a budget and need a front rest, this would be a great one to have until you can afford a better one. A bargain at $150.

For Sale: Kimber 82 Government Model .22 Target Rifle. Package includes a Nightforce 12~42X56 Scope and tuner. As a package, the price is $1500. Without the scope, the rifle and tuner alone is $500. All items are in excellent condition.

For Sale: Tikka .223 rifle mounted in a Boyd's laminated thumbhole stock. The package includes a Sightron 60X scope for $1800. The rifle without the scope is $800. Condition of all items is excellent.

For Sale: Springfield Armory XP3 striker fired .45 ACP pistol pack. Includes 3 magazines, case etc. The slide has been Ceracoated
. An excellent home defense or carry pistol and only $400.

Butch 478-956-3542
For Sale: Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon V Over/Under 20 Gauge Shotgun. Lightly used in excellent condition. The set includes two barrels: 30 inch Sporting Clays with 8mm rib and 28 inch barrel with 6mm rib. Seven extended chokes including: 1 skeet, 2 cyl, 2 IC, 1 M & 1 IM. Also five Beretta flush fitting chokes: 1 IC, 2 M, 1 IM & 1 F. In-Stock recoil reducer and two snap caps. Beretta quality is top drawer. Sell for $2,600.00.

For Sale: Vintage Herter's U-3 Super Reloading Press. This is a massively constructed "O" type press, fully functional and will last several lifetimes. Five shell holders are included (No. 1, 2, 5, 6 & 8) and two priming arms for small and large primers. Sell for $50.00

Jim Text

For Sale: Conversion unit for single shot .45-70 rifles to .22LR. This rifled unit is inserted into the bore from the breech end and oriented to allow the firing pin to strike the cartridge rim. It allows the use of cheap .22LR ammunition in your .45-70 rifle for plinking and practice. It's a quality made item and comes with full instructions. Sale price is: $50.00

For Sale: CZ-457 .22LR Varmint Rifle in a Precision Chassis stock. The stock is designed for rigidity to enhance accuracy. The butt stock is adjustable for length of pull. Included is an extra pistol grip and an Area 419 scope base with 15 MOA. The scope and bipod are not included. The original box and paperwork/manual are included. Lightly used and like new, the sale price is $700.00

Dave 478-934-0385

For Sale: Bersa Thunder pistol in .380 ACP. In VG condition and comes with a Fobus holster. Sell for $275.00 firm. NOW REDUCED TO $225!!

Charles 478-397-7034

Please do not leave a voice mail as it can't be accessed. Either speak directly to Charles or send a text. All texts will be answered.
For Sale: KELTEC Sub-2000, Gen-1 .40 S&W rifle with a 10 round magazine. Included with the rifle is a Red Lion forend with three Picatinny rails, TandemKross front and rear sights, two Glock 14 round mags, a Magpul Angled fore-grip, a Tacticool Bolt Tube Cover and a Burris XTS-135 Red Dot sight. Owner built this rifle and has fired less than 100 rounds through it. Asking price is $900.00 Tom 478-956-7243

For Sale: Grand Power K100 Mk7 pistol. This 9mm features two 15 round magazines and three dot sights. The frame is polymer and has ambidextrous controls. Three interchangeable back straps enable it to fit almost any hand. The action is unique as the barrel rotates to lock & unlock. Both double and single action, it has one of the finest triggers you'll ever feel. Comes with a case, back straps and two mags. Accurate and reliable. Sell for: $500 Face-to-Face ONLY.

Walker (478) 397-5854
For Sale: BRNO NUMBER 4 TARGET RIFLE. When the USSR dissolved, it freed the former Eastern Bloc nations to sell guns to the United States. Among the first guns to be imported were these Czech .22LR target rifles. They are first class in every respect and were completely refurbished by the factory prior to import. This one was made in 1958, is extremely accurate and is a great bench rifle. They use standard CZ magazines holding 5 or 10 rounds. The action is unbelievably smooth. Sold with target sights or without. Uses 16mm dovetail rings for a scope. Rifle: $650. Rifle with target sights: $800.

For Sale: Norinco TT Olympia .22LR target pistol; an exact copy of the German Walther TT Olympia pistol used in the 1936 Olympics. Sweet trigger and accurate. Comes with two magazines. Beautiful condition and only $350

For Sale: Star Spanish Air Force Model A pistol in 9mm Largo. A near clone of the 1911A1 but without the grip safety. Field strip and reassembly the same as a 1911A1. The A model is not often seen. Excellent condition. Sell for $325

Walker (478) 397-5854
If no answer, please leave a message and I'll return your call
I have decided to sell some of my more collectable military rifles. Each one listed below is far above average in condition and they are priced accordingly. However, you're unlikely to find nicer ones. I urge you to check what run of the mill "good" condition similar rifles are being sold for.

ALL firearm sales must be local face-to-face.


1. Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle with bayonet. All matching, Izhevsk 1943 round receiver. 7.62x54R. Excellent Condition & mint bore. $450

Mosin Nagant 1891/59. 7.62x54R. These rifles were model 91/30 rifles shortened to carbine length. Metal excellent, wood has some marks. Mint bore $400

3. Russian SKS with laminated stock. Arsenal refurbished and in excellent condition with a mint bore & blade bayonet. Made in 1950, you'll be hard pressed to find a nicer one. $700

Chinese SKS, FIRST YEAR OF PRODUCTION (1956). The first factory to manufacture the SKS in China was set up by the Russians and Russian parts were used until the Chinese could produce their parts. They are identified by a serial number beginning with the letter X prefix. RARE as can be imagined. Many parts are unnumbered while the trigger group is a mismatch number. Appears to have been arsenal refurbished and has a mint bore. Exc. condition. $600




Leave a message if calling by phone and I don't answer. I will return your call.


For Sale:
Browning Invector Plus extended choke tubes by Briley for 20 Gauge. Set of 7; Cyl., Skeet, Imp. Cyl., Lite Modified, Modified, Imp. Modified and Full. Wrench included. Excellent for Sporting Clays. Sell for $150.

Tom 478-952-5220
For Sale: Tikka T-3 rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. Heavy barrel, beautiful multi-color laminated thumbhole stock. Action and barrel fully Dura-coated. Less than 20 rounds fired from this rifle. Rifle, scope and rings sell separately. Rifle only is $750.  Scope only is $375.00

Butch 478-956-3542
For Sale: Nightforce 8~32X56 Riflescope. Adjustable Objective, sun shade. This is a Benchrest Model in like new condition. Sell for $1075 Firm. Butch 478-956-3542



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