Below are pictures taken in past years. For more recent/current pictures, click HERE!


A Few Pictures From Over The Years 


                                     Buffalo Shooters                                                                                           A C. Sharps High Wall Rifle                                                    Our Esteemed Range Officer



      Waiting Their Turn Under The Shooting Shed                                          Watching His Ram Go Down                                               Off-Hand High Power Steel Target Match


 A Ram at the Instant of Impact. Note the Blue Haze of the Disentigrating Cast Bullet.                             The old Remington Rolling Block Rifles are Popular at the Buffalo Matches.



"Bad" Bruce With an Ever Popular 1874 Model Sharps Rifle.




(Above) On the line at the .22 Silhouette Match, 2 April, 2011. This is probably the most popular match held at the Fort Valley Gun Club.
(Above) The 2011 Annual Meeting of the Fort Valley Gun Club was held on 2 April. Members were treated to a meal prepared by our own master backyard Chef Dewayne Daniel, seen here in the center of the picture.


Jack Concentrates as He Waits For His Next Set of Targets.





(Above) Range Officer Foch Cummings signs up Thomas Lowe (L) and Randy Lowe for the .22 Silhouette Match.
(Above) Chef Dewayne Daniel looks on as two club members enjoy the food that he cooked.





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