Welcome to the Fort Valley Gun Club

P.O. Box 1291, Fort Valley, Georgia 31030       

The oldest NRA Affiliated Gun Club in Georgia


    President: Jason Heisterkamp   Vice-President: Tom Andorfer

Secretary-Treasurer: Gary Kretsinger    Executive Range Officer: Dave Witte 




                         Fort Valley Gun Club on Range 2 (Upper Range) 

   4th Saturday monthly January October 2019. Gates open 9:00 am, Match starts at 10pm

(See Home Page for January & February match times. In the event of bad weather, the match will not be made up)


               Open to anyone who wants to shoot 22LR in competition. 

                This match is designed for the beginner and the expert.


                               2019 SEASON RULES




Match Director:  Jason Heisterkamp (478-397-4443) / Club Website:

·         Preseason Orientation Meeting and Sight-in day: January 12, 2019 @ 12:00 noon

·         Monthly Match: 4th Saturday of each month (January – October). First match January 26, 2019 @ 1:00 PM.

o    Normally the gate opens at 9:00 AM; match begins at 10:00 AM.  Considering temperatures will still be cold this early in the year, at least the January match will open at 12:00 PM and begin at 1:00 PM.  We will review the February starting time at our January match.

·         Match Fee: $7.00 per shooter, per match (40 targets).


1.       Cancelled matches will not be made up.  No double header matches will be scheduled.

2.       Open to the public, 22 Long Rifle (22LR) only.

3.       All NRA and FVGC safety rules will be enforced and must be followed at all times.  The Match Director is in ultimate control of the range.  Safety rules are, but not limited to, the following:

a.       All rifles must be pointed down range before the Match Director will call the line “HOT”.

b.       Only shooters, spotters and directors shall be in front of the yellow safety line when the range is “HOT”.

c.        No person will be allowed past the shooting benches, downrange, until the Match Director calls the line “COLD” and each rifle is “CLEAR” and “RACKED”.

d.       All rifles must be “CLEAR” when not in use.  This means the magazine shall be removed, the chamber clear of a round and the bolt in the open position with an Open Bolt Indicator flag (OBI) placed through the receiver opening.

e.       When each competitor is finished firing, their rifle shall be “CLEAR” and “RACKED” in the rifle rack behind the yellow safety line.

f.         When transporting your rifle it must be “CLEAR” and be carried with the muzzle pointed upwards.

4.       Anyone 15 years old and under must be under the supervision of an adult.

5.       No Semi-automatic rifles may be used by anyone 17 years old and under.  This is a safety requirement.

6.       Children 12 years old and under may use a front rest and rear bag to secure the rifle.  Coaching is allowed, but no assistance may be given during aiming or firing of the rifle.

7.       Targets will be 1/5th and 3/8th scale steel silhouettes (Chicken 40M, Pig 60M, Turkey 77M, Ram 100YD).

8.       Average will be established after the second match.  Handicap average will be used to determine end of year champions in each class.

9.       You must compete in at least five (5) matches to be eligible for an award at the end of the year.

10.    You will receive a one (1) point penalty for each match fewer than seven (7) you do not compete in.

11.    Handicap will be 80% of 30.  Forty (40) is a perfect score.

12.    Suggested equipment is scoped, bolt action, 22LR rifle.  40 grain, lead round nose bullet.

13.    NO HYPER VELOSITY (above 1300 feet per second FPS), OR JACKETED AMMUNITION as it will damage the mild steel targets.

ENTRY FEE $7.00                   MATCH DIRECTOR: Jason Heisterkamp


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