Monthly Matches & Match Results For 2023

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DIRECTIONS TO THE CLUB: From Fort Valley take HiWay 96 approximately 3 miles West. Turn left on the last road (Gun Club Road) before reaching the HiWay 49 Bypass. The road passes through a pecan orchard, a small housing community and turns to gravel. Cross the railroad tracks and enter the range. If you're on the HiWay 49 bypass, turn East onto HiWay 96 to Fort Valley and take the first road to the right that runs through the pecan orchard. Please do not speed through the housing area!


MATCHES: Each month, the Fort Valley Gun Club holds regular matches on the 1st, 3rd & 4th Saturdays. The matches are detailed below with start times and other information. ALL safety rules apply. The club now has a Porta-Potty and the fees listed below are subject to rising a dollar or two to help offset the cost. Our matches are designed to be FUN but competition can be stiff! In all cases, the Range Officer's decision is final.





First Saturday Matches:

    - IBS Centerfire Benchrest Match is shot year round on the Founder's long range. The matches will alternate between 100 and 200 yards and will always be 100 yards on the first Saturday. Check the home page match schedule for details. The match begins at 10:00 AM SHARP. Shooters MUST be set up and ready to shoot by the 10:00 AM start time due to the monthly club meeting at noon. Late shooters will not be allowed to compete. Gates open about an hour prior to the match. It is shot from the benches on the Long Range.

    - .22 Rimfire Benchrest Match is shot on the Founder's long range following the Centerfire Benchrest Match from November to January or after the monthly club meeting during those months (February to October) when meetings are held. It will always be shot at 50 yards on the standard IBS 50 yard Rimfire target. There is now a Youth Class. See the home page for more match details.


First & Third or Second & Fourth Tuesday Matches:

      - Retired Old People Match is shot on the Tuesdays immediately after the Saturday Benchrest Matches and may be held on the first and third Tuesday or second and forth Tuesday depending upon the month. Please check the Home Page for the correct dates each month. The ROP Match is shot year round on the Founder's Range at 50 yards with "cheap" .22LR cartridges that cost $7 or less per box of 50 pre-Covid prices. Two targets will be shot and the combined scores determine the winner. The standard 50 yard IBS target is used. There are 4 sighter bulls and 25 scoring target. As many sighters as necessary may be shot and 1 shot for score on each bull. Any .22LR rifle may be used and any scope. The match is shot from the bench using a rest, sandbags or bi-pod. One piece rests are not allowed. Time per target is 25 minutes. This match is free except for the cost of targets that will be collected when necessary. This match begins at 12:00 noon and is open to all club members who can make it.


Third Saturday Matches:

    - Tactical Shooting Matches. These matches are now shot on the third Saturday of each month beginning in February. They will vary and involve pistols, rifles and shotguns at the Match Director's discretion. Setup at 8:00 AM and the matches begin at 9:00 AM. See the monthly schedule for 2022 matches lower on this page. Contact Match Director Bob Stringer at (478) 919-4727 for details.

     - IBS Centerfire Benchrest Match is shot year round on the Founder's long range. The match distance on the third Saturday will always be 200 yards. Check the home page match schedule for details. The match begins at 9:30 AM SHARP. Shooters MUST be set up and ready to shoot by the 9:30 AM start time. Late shooters will not be allowed to compete. Gates open about an hour prior to the match. It is shot from the benches on the Long Range.

     - .22 Rimfire Benchrest Match is shot following the Centerfire Benchrest Match on the Founder's long range. This match will be held following the Centerfire Benchrest Match. The match will be 50 yards on the standard IBS 50 yard target featuring 4 sighter bulls and 25 scoring bulls. As many sighters may be shot as needed and one shot on each scoring bull, all within the 25 minute time limit. There is now a Youth Class. See the Home Page for more information.


Fourth Saturday Matches:

     - Family & Friends .22LR Silhouette Match is held from January through October. January and February matches are shot later in the day due to cold morning temperatures. See the Home Page for match times. Beginning in March, the match will begin at 10:00 AM on the upper range. The range will open at 9:00 AM for practice and sighting in of rifles. Please bring drinks to keep yourself hydrated. To see  detailed information regarding rules and equipment, click HERE!      


2023 TACTICAL SHOOTING MATCHES: A list of dates and type of tactical shooting matches to be held for the 2023 calendar year are listed below. Each match will be somewhat different so details will be posted on the Home Page prior to the next upcoming match. Questions and inquiries should be directed to Bob Stringer at (478) 919-4727. Bob is the Match Director. Expect some flexibility in the match schedule due to the Director's varying work commitment. All changes will be posted as quickly as possible so be sure to check the Home Page and here for current information.

This is a tentative schedule for 2023. Changes to this schedule will be posted as necessary so please check back frequently or contact Bob Stringer for updates.

18 Mar - .22 Rimfire Pistol

15 Apr - Pistol Caliber Carbine

20 May - Revolver/Pistol

17 Jun - 2 Gun (Pistol & Rifle)

15 Jul - Centerfire Rifle

19 Aug - Pistol

16 Sep - .22 Rimfire 2 Gun

21 Oct - 3 Gun

18 Nov - Revolver

Match Director is Bob Stringer
106 Hillridge Drive
Warner Robins, GA 31088
(478) 919-4727











Class HC - Jan Jan Total HC - Feb Feb Total HC - Mar Mar Total HC - Apr Apr Total HC - Jun Jun Total HC - Jul Jul Total HC - Aug Aug Total HC Sep Sep Total Oct
Chelsea Ledrick 1A                                  
Sierra Englehart 1A                                  
Ethan Kinser 1A 5 39                              
Darren Heisterkamp 1A 4 42+ 4 43+                          
Christain Ledrick 1A 5 43* 4 44*                          
Chelsea Ledrick 1A     4 37                          
Logan Ekstrom 1A 4 37                              
Grayson Ekstrom 1A 38                              
Christain Ledrick 1                                  
 Gus Carter 1     0 21*                          
Chelsea Ledrick 1                                  
Caitlyn Holland 1                                  
Terry Patterson 2A                                  
Hunter Rushing 2A                                  
Suzannah Cummings 2A                                  
Sierra Englehart 2A - 17*                              
Abbey Heisterkamp 2A                                  
Cora Heisterkamp 2A                                  
Sierra Englehart 2                                  
Abby Heisterkamp 2                                  
Adri Jordan 2                                  
Josh Caryer 3                                  
 Johnny Collins 3                                  
John Holland 3                                  
Dave Witte 3                                  

(Class 1 Competes Separately. Classes 2 Through 5 Compete Together. TT = Total Targets, HC = Handicap, AV = Average, MW = Match Winner, * = Class Winner,  + = Second,  # = Third, IS = Iron Sights)




250 - 25X is the highest possible score.

(I.B.S. 100, 200 & 300 Yard Targets are used)

Shooter 7 Jan 100 Yds 18 Feb 200 Yds 6 May  100 Yds 20 May  200 Yds                                
Dave Witte     245-6X+(V)                                  
Larry Warren   242-1X+ (HV) 248-16X+ (HV) 248-5X+  (HV)                                
Walker Smith 240-7X+ (V) 225-1X (V) 232-2X  (V) DNF  (V)                                
Butch Bennett DNF                                      
Tom Magerkurth 249-20X* (HV) 247-5X* (HV) 250-16X* (HV) 249-12X* (HV)                                
Landon McKinney        
Alan Padgett   239-2X                                    
Tom Andorfer                                        
 Blake Reid                            
 Eddie Royal                                        
Ricky Williams 246-6X* (V) 240-3X* (V) 250-9X*  (V) 243-4X*  (V)                                
Pep Newberry                                        

(* = Winner, + = Second)(S = Standard, H = Hunter, V = Varmint, Y = Youth)



250 - 25X is the highest possible score.  Club Record is 250-20X Shot by Allen Ross on 16 July, 2022

(I.B.S. 50 Yard Targets are used. All Matches Are Shot At 50 Yards)

Shooter Class 7 Jan 21 Jan 4 Feb 18 Feb 4 Mar 15 Apr -  2 Targets 6 May 20 May - 2 Targets                            
Bennett, Butch C 247-11X   DNF 245-9X 244-8X   243-5X                            
Calhoun, Jeremy C         238-5X     499-21X                            
Heisterkamp, Darren C   250-7X     249-8X   245-5X                            
Heisterkamp, Jason C 250-11X+ 250-13X+ 247-12X   248-14X   245-8X 498-23X                            
Andorfer, Tom C                                          
LaMar, Tom C                                          
Magerkurth, Tom C 250-13X*   250-14X* 249-13X* 240-9X 500-20X* CA 249-8X 499-24X                            
McKinley, Landon C                                          
McSwain, David C                                          
Newberry, Pep C 250-11X 249-11X 248-10X 249-7X 246-8X 498-22X 249-8X 498-20X                            
Padgett, Alan C   250-12X   249-5X 249-13X+                                
Reid, Blake C                                          
Ross, Allen C 249-11X 250-11X 250-14X+ 248-6X 250-16X* 499-18X+ 250-11X* 498-23X                            
Roudil, Bruno C                                          
Royal, Eddie C                                          
Smith, Walker C 250-7X S 250-15X* S 247-6X S 249-12X+ S 248-7X S 489-13X S 248-12X S 500-21X*  S
Stafford, Richard C                                          
Talton, Cody C                                          
Warren, Larry C       245-10X   494-12X 242-3X 500-20X+                            
Wayne,  Jody C                                          
Williams, Ricky C     250-5X+ 499-30X            
Witte, Dave C             249-9X                            
Roudil, Brno S                                          
Bennett, Butch S                                          
Calhoun, Jeremy S                                          
Heisterkamp, Darren S                                          
Kinser, Ethan S                                          
Magerkurth, Tom S                                          
Ross, Allen S                                          
Talton, Cody S                                          
YOUTH CLASS                                            
Heisterkamp, Darren S                                          
McKinley, Landon S                                          

* = 1st Place, + = Second     C = Custom, S = Sporter   /2 = 2nd Score, Doesn't Count



Shooter 15 Apr PCC 20 May Revolver/Pistol                  
Allen, Bill                    
Banks, Anderson                    
Banks, Randy   175.73 R                  
Banks, Rebecca 236.30 S
Beckham, Patrick                    
Bedgood, Jeremie                    
Berrier, Chris                    
Bibbs, Keisha                    
Bowker, Brandon                    
Bowker, David                    
Brackett, Mason                    
Butler, Comer DNF - S                  
Campbell, John                    
Carnes, Brian                    
Caryer, Josh 190.51 - Y                  
Claiborne, Ari                    
Cheek, Ben                    
Godbee, Trey                    
Collins, James                    
Collins, Richard                    
Combee, Toby                    
Cox, Bill 161.82 - S 106.08 S                  
Davis, John 181.64 - Y 106.25 S                  
Doan, Aaron                    
Floyd, Austin                    
Floyd, Joey                    
Forbes, Cruz                    
Ford, Leo                    
Gall, Jason 204.04 S
Garcia, Roman                    
Godbee, Trey                    
Gray, Al                    
Guest, Beth                    
Guest, Lance                    
Hamm, Harold 191.27 - S 147.06  1st R                  
Harrington, Silas                    
Harris, Jason                    
Hartley, Wyatt                    
Harvell, Chuck                    
Holcomb, Glenn                    
Hough, Keith                    
Husted, Mark                    
Jackson, C J                    
Jin, Ted                    
Johnson, A J                    
Layson, Carlos 172.35 - S                  
Lebrun, Philippe                    
Lockhart, Darren                    
Lockhart, David 160.94 - S 342.14 R S/L                  
Lockhart, Radar 188.64 - S 279.89 2nd R S/L                  
Lucero, George                    
Luther, George                    
McDonald, Jeff 157.29 3rd - S                    
McDougle, Lance                    
Miller, Cole   76.63  1st S                  
Minshew, Mike 176.30 - Y                  
Ogburn, Zim                    
Old Bob                    
Patel, Ravi                    
Phifer, Ricky Sr   236.31 R                  
Phifer, Ricky Jr   204.05 R                  
Pless, Alan                    
Pless, Jonathan 103.19 MW - Y                  
Ray, Bill                    
Register, Bryson                    
Register, Rick                    
Sadoon, Matt                    
Sellers, Ricky 127.84 2nd - S 155.40  2nd R                  
Sharbel, Kelly                    
Sirmans, Curtis Jr   86.82  2nd S                  
Southard, Bob 160.94 - S 297.17 3rd R S/L                  
Statham, Cliff                    
Stokes, Kimbel   210.32 S                  
Stringer, Bill 434.80 R S/L
Stringer, Bob 167.60 - S 205,92  1st R S/L                  
Terry, Tristan                    
Tolbert, Joshua 161.28 - Y 147.18 S                  
Turner, Kyle                    
Walker, Kyle                    
Wallace, Lance                    
Wells, Jeff                    
Wolfe, John   159.43  3rd R                  
Wood, Cale   97.15  3rd S                  

* = Class Winner, + = 2nd Place, # = 3rd Place, MW = Match Winner, RO = Range Officer



Unless Otherwise Stated, All Matches Are Shot On The IBS 50 Yard Target

Club record is held by Allen Ross with a score of 500-31X. Pep Newberry is second with a score of 500-30X

500 Club!  7x500: Allen Ross  6x500: Pep Newberry  4x500: Alan Padgett  3x500: Walker Smith  2x500: Dave Witte, Tom Magerkurth

Shooter 5 Jan 11 Jan 18 Jan 28 Jan 3 Feb 9 Feb 16 Feb 24 Feb 1 Mar 9 Mar 16 Mar 22 Mar 30 Mar 6 Apr 12 Apr 20 Apr 25 Apr 4 May 11 May 17 May 25 May            
Bennett, Butch                                                    
Roudil, Bruno                 419-6X 477-11X 466-6X         491-11X 482-9X                  
Andorfer, Brian       490-11X                                            
Magerkurth, Tom 484-5X 493-11X     496-25X 488-6X 488-11X 498-23X 495-18X DNF     495-19X   499-16X     499-23X+     500-19X*            
Miller, Darrell                     489-9X                              
Andorfer, Tom      499-21X DNC 493-19X                                            
Newberry, Pep 494-19X   497-21X 500-30X* 497-23X 484-11X   500-24X+ DNF 498-20X* 496-20X   500-23X*   499-19X+ 499-19X 499-22X   498-28X 500-20X+ 493-20X            
Padgett, Alan 500-17X* 496-20X* 498-23X* DNF 500-28X* 494-20X* 494-17X+ 499-29X 496-20X 496-26X 499-20X*   498-23X 491-17X                        
Ross, Allen 498-21X+ 494-10X+ 497-19X 499-19X+ 499-26X+ 493-16X+ 498-14X* 500-31X* 499-17X* 495-23X 498-23X+ 499-27X+ 499-22X+ 499-23X* 500-26X* 500-27X* 499-22X+ 500-28X* 499-28X*   499-26X            
Smith, Walker 490-14X S 487-15X B 498-17X+ U 495-25X U 497-20X U 478-7X U 492-13X U 494-16X U 498-22X+ A 498-19X+ A 463-7X HR 490-11X A 497-23X A 496-21X+ A 489-9X  S 495-17X  B 499-16X  S 496-19X S 499-23X+  S 499-21X  S 492-11X  S            
Stafford, Richard                                                    
Lamar, Tom 484-10X   496-13X 490-5X                     497-19X 493-19X   494-20X                
Williams, Ricky           DNF 474-3X     497-18X 489-9X         495-18X 495-13X   498-26X   499-27X+            
Witte, Dave 494-14X         493-15X   494-19X 492-18X   496-20X 500-24X* 499-18X     499-23X+ 499-27X*     500-25X*            
Stringer, Bob           443-3X       475-10X 480-3X   494-15X 485-13X       482-12X     487-13X            
Cox, Bill II                                                    
Holland, Johnny             DNF                                      
Warren, Larry               487-6X     490-12X 494-17X 495-17X 478-9X       494-19X 489-12X              
Wayne, Jody   489-11X         488-21X                                      
McKinley, Landon                                                    

* = Winner   += 2nd    Y= Youth


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