Monthly Matches & Match Results For 2017

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DIRECTIONS TO THE CLUB: From Fort Valley take HiWay 96 approximately 3 miles West. Turn left on the last road (Gun Club Road but presently unmarked) before reaching the HiWay 49 Bypass. The road passes through a pecan orchard, a small housing community and turns to gravel. Cross the railroad tracks and enter the range. If you're on HiWay 49 or the bypass, turn East onto HiWay 96 to Fort Valley and take the first road to the right that runs through the pecan orchard. Please do not speed through the housing area!


MATCHES: Each month, the Fort Valley Gun Club holds regular matches on the 1st, 3rd & 4th Saturdays. The matches are detailed below with start times and other information. ALL safety rules apply. The club now has a Porta-Potty and the fees listed below are subject to rising a dollar or two to help offset the cost. Our matches are designed to be FUN but competition can be stiff! In all cases, the Range Officer's decision is final.





First Saturday Matches:

    - .22LR Silhouette Match. This match is shot year round. Shooters meeting begins at 9:00 AM with the match following immediately. Open to all .22LR rimfire rifles with iron or scope sights. Slings and palm rests are not allowed. Ammunition is either standard velocity or high velocity but magnum and hyper-velocity cartridges are not allowed as they can damage the targets. Other rules may apply. We use larger than official NRA targets with Chickens, Pigs, and Turkeys at 40, 60 & 77 meters respectively. Rams are at 100 yards at the moment. There are 40 shots per match and the cost is presently $7.00 per entry.

   - NRA official .22 Rifle Silhouette Match. This match is shot from January through November. The match is now combined with the regular .22 Silhouette Match and they will be shot simultaneously. The match will be held in strict accordance with official NRA rules. Targets are NRA .22LR steel chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams.  Distances are 40, 60, 77 & 100 meters for chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams respectively. There are two classes of rifles: Standard and Hunter. Each class has specific restrictions. The cost is $7.00 for each class of rifle. Scores are recorded in the official NRA score book that can be purchased at a one-time annual cost of $13.00. The match may be shot without the score book with the shooter being in the "Unclassified" (UC) category. Point of contact for the match is Ben Reese who can be reached at 478-747-1784 or email at

    - Big Bore Buffalo Match. (SEE LAST TWO SENTENCES) This match is normally shot from February through October. It follows the .22LR silhouette match and begins at 1:00 PM. Targets are steel silhouettes of chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams at 100, 150, 200, 250 and 350 yards. Targets will vary in size and may change depending upon our match director. Shooters fire offhand or from a seated position using crossed sticks to support the rifle. Rifles MUST be single shot or lever action and of 38 caliber or larger. Bullets MUST be cast or swaged lead. Jacketed bullets are NOT allowed under any circumstances. Black power or Smokeless powder is allowed. Sights must be iron sights and may include vernier Creedmore-styles of the Soule and similar types. Period style scopes (Malcolm) of 3~6X are now allowed! Cost per entry is presently $10.00. DUE TO FEWER SHOOTERS, THIS MATCH WILL ONLY BE SHOT IF AT LEAST FOUR SHOOTERS CONTACT MATCH DIRECTOR JIM ELLISON AND GUARANTEE THEY'LL SHOOT THE MATCH. Jim may be contacted at (478)825-1561.

    - Tactical Shooting Matches. These matches are now shot on the first Saturday of each month beginning in March. They will vary and involve pistols, rifles and shotguns at the Match Director's discretion. Setup at 8:00 AM and the matches begin at 9:00 AM. See the monthly schedule for 2017 lower on this page. Contact Match Director Bob Stringer at (478) 919-4727 for details.

    - IBS Centerfire Benchrest Match is shot year round. It is now a TWICE MONTHLY event shot from the bench at 100, 200 and 300 yards. Please see the full description under Third Saturday Matches.


Third Saturday Matches:

    - IBS Centerfire Benchrest Match is shot year round. It is shot from the bench at 100, 200 and 300 yards. The distances will alternate monthly; i.e., 100 yards one month and 200 yards the next etc. The match course of fire is 25 scoring shots fired on five targets each containing 5 scoring bulls and one sighter bull.. Sighting shots are not limited but total time per target is 10 minutes. The first target will be shot by a competitor and then the next target posted until 5 targets for a total of 25 scoring shots are recorded.

This match will begin at 9:30 AM and all wind flags and warm-up shots must be completed before that time. Match will be shot from the benches using a front rest and rear sand bag or all sand bags as the shooter elects. Any device that locks the rifle in place is NOT permitted and the shooter must contact the rifle in two places when shooting. Sights may be a scope of any power and any centerfire cartridge caliber .30 or lower is allowed. Standard class is open to any rifle weighing 13.5 pounds or less. Varmint class is open to any unaltered factory model rifle suitable for field use. Scope and caliber limits for Varmint class are the same as for Standard class. Class and suitability will be determined by the Match Director. IBS rules are posted here: Contact Match Director Butch Bennett for further information at: or by calling (478) 396-9422.

    - .22 Rimfire Benchrest Match is shot year round. Targets are the IBS 25 bull targets and shot at 50 yards. The shooter has 25 minutes in which to fire as many sighters as they deem necessary plus 25 shots for score. Rifles are classed as "Custom" or "Hunter". Our rules are relatively relaxed with the emphasis on safety - always - and having fun. The match begins immediately following the Centerfire benchrest match and is shot from the upper range benches.

Fourth Saturday Matches:

     - Family & Friends .22LR Silhouette Match is held from January through October. The match will begin at 10:00 AM on the upper range. The range will open at 9:00 AM for practice and sighting in of rifles. Please bring drinks to keep yourself hydrated. To see pictures of current and past award winners plus detailed information regarding rules and equipment can be found by clicking HERE!      


Questions concerning any of the matches may be directed to any of the club officers listed on the Newsletter page.


TACTICAL SHOOTING MATCHES: A list of dates and type of tactical shooting matches to be held for the 2017 calendar year are listed below. Each match will be somewhat different so details will be posted on the Home Page prior to the next upcoming match. Questions and inquiries should be directed to Bob Stringer at (478) 919-4727. Bob is the Match Director. Expect some flexibility in the match schedule due to the Director's varying work commitment. All changes will be posted as quickly as possible so be sure to check the Home Page and here for current information.

This is a tentative schedule for 2017. Changes to this schedule will be posted as necessary so please check back frequently or contact Bob Stringer for updates.

Jan & Feb no match

04 March        Carbine Match

01 April          Handgun Match

06  May           Two Gun Match (Pistol & Shotgun)

03 June           .22 Caliber Rimfire Rifle

01 July            Pistol Match

05 August        Two Gun (.22 Rimfire Pistol & Rifle) Match

02 Sept.           Two Gun (Pistol & Rifle) Match

07   Oct            Rifle Match

04 Nov             Pistol Match

02 Dec             Three Gun Match





Averaging 29 & Up With 40 the highest possible score

( * = 1st Place & + = 2nd Place; I = Iron Sights)

Name of Shooter Class


Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Tom Magerkurth AAA           25 32       25 32
Heisterkamp, Cora AA                      
Lowe, Randy AA   29                  
Magerkurth, Tom AA     33*                
Holland, Johnny AA   30+ 24 27* 32 MW 28          
Witte, Dave AA   32* 27+ 26 27 26          
Alvin Williams AA           30 MW         32
Brandi Holland AA         22            
Lowe, Thomas AA   26                  
Bill NeSmith AA                      
DuCote, Dennis AA   27 26   29 26 32 MW       35 MW





Averaging 18-28 With 40 the highest possible score

( * = 1st Place & + = 2nd Place; I = Iron Sights)

Name of Shooter

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cummings, Foch             24          
NeSmith, Bill 29
Mathews, Ray                        
Newberry, Pep                        
DuCote, Dennis       38*               33 MW
Cannon, Bubba                        
Stafford, Richard                        
Swords, Mark       15                
Swords, Mathew                        
Heisterkamp, Abbey                        
Heisterkamp, Jason                        
Cooper, Karen                        
Williams, Alvin   21*                   32
Reese, Ben   15 16 11             18 16
Herrmann, Brandy                        
Whittaker, Lee                        
Whittaker, Ben                        
Gibson, Bruce                        





Averaging 1-17 With 40 the highest possible score

( * = 1st Place & + = 2nd Place. (Y) = Youth Class,  SNR = Score Not Recorded)

Name of Shooter Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Jimerson, Jay                        
Hamlin, Bruce                        
Heisterkamp, Abbey (Y)                        
Heisterkamp, Abby                        
Stafford, Richard                        
Holland, Brandi     20* (A/B)                  
Padgett, Alan                        
Andorfer, Tom                        
Mathews, Ray   DNF                    
DuCote, Jonathan                        
Clements, Glen                        
Lamar, Tom                        
Coker, Tim                        
Talton, Cody (Y)                        
Stokes, Jason                        
Strickland, Michael                        
VanHorn, Gary                        
Calhoun, Jeremy                        
Englehart, Preston (Y)                        
Herrmann, Nick                        
Williams, Ricky                        
Alcorn, Rob                        
Simmons, Millard                        
Martin, Anthony                        
Stripling, Sherri                        
Cummings, Austin (Y)                        
Cummings, Bobby                        
Bennett, Eric                        




40 is the highest possible score

Score will be displayed as (examples): 40 or 40S with * or + to indicate 1st or 2nd place. ( * = 1st Place & + = 2nd Place, S = Scope Class, L = Lever Action Class)

Name of Shooter Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Matthews, Ray                        
Hodge, Tom                        
Cummings, Foch                        
Daniel, Dewayne                        
Harrington, Hugh                        
Ellison, Jim                        
Hinson, Bruce                        
Holiday, John                        
House, Glenn                        
Magerkurth, Tom                        
Newberry, Pep                        
Smith, Walker                        
Whitaker, Ben                        
Whitaker, Lee                        
Warren, Larry                        
Witte, Dave                        
Williams, Alvin                        
Holland, Johnny                        
Rocky Frey                        
Dees, Joc                        
Evans, Jeff                        




Name of Shooter

Class 1A Jan Feb HC - Mar Mar HC - Apr Apr HC - May May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Austyn Gochenour 1A 40* MW 40* MW       37   39+ 38*     40* 40*
Suzannah Cummings 1A 40+ 40+   39*   40* MW   40* 36+ 38*   34+ 36+
  Class 1                          
Darren Heisterkamp 1 37             35# 36# 39+   40# 40+
Adri Jordan 1 38# 34   38*   39*   40+ 39*     40*  
Sierra Englehart 1   35   37   35   30 32        
Landon Russell 1                       32 39
Madison Padgett 1                   33#      
Michael Canterbury 1   16   30 6 38 3            
Landon McKinley 1 34 39#           40* 37+ 39*   40+ 40*
  Classes 2, 3 & 4                          
Cora Heisterkamp 2 39*             25+ 39* 39*   39* 35+
Sierra Englehart 2                   4#   10 14
Kody Eliason 2 12#     6 17 24 18            
Abbey Heisterkamp 2 34+     36*   36*   26* 37+ 33+   31+ 39*
Alex Smith 2                       12#  
James Terill 2                       DNF  
Mark French 2                       2  
Daniel Richards 2                       2  
Nathan Daniels 2                       5  
Lloyd Williams 2                       6  
Karl Eliason 3 25* 27 3 29 3 24 5 27+ 26+        
Stacy Smith 3                          
Jason Heisterkamp 3                          
Jeremy Calhoun                            
Pep Newberry 3                          
 Roger Englehart 3                          
David Newsom 3          
Preston Englehart 2                          
Smith, Walker                            
Tom Andorfer                           21
Ricky Williams                            
Alvin Williams                            
Tom Magerkurth                            
Alan Padgett                            
Butch Bennett                            
Jennifer Hesterkamp                            
Amanda Vanlandingham                            
Heather Talton                            

(Class 1 Competes Separately. Classes 2 Through 5 Compete Together. TT = Total Targets, HC = Handicap, AV = Average, MW = Match Winner, * = Class Winner,  + = Second,  # = Third, IS = Iron Sights)




250 - 25X is the highest possible score.

(I.B.S. 100, 200 & 300 Yard Targets are used)

Name of Shooter Jan 14 -    200 Yds Jan 21 -
300 Yds
Feb 4 -
100 Yds
Feb 18 -
200 Yds
Mar 4 -
300 Yds
Mar 18 - 100 Yds Apr 15 - 200 Yds May 20 - 100 Yds Jun 3 -
300 Yds
Jun 17 - 100 Yds Jul 15 -    300 Yds Aug 5 - 100 Yds Aug 19 - 200 Yds Sep 2
300 Yds
Sep 16
100 Yds
Oct 21
100 Yds
Nov 17
100 Yds
Dec 2
100 Yds
Dec 16
200 Yds
Larry Warren                                      
Jody Wayne           193-1X (V)                          
Rob Tawse           222-6X (V)                          
Dave Witte       248-3X* (V)     244-4X* (V)     248-9X* (V) 235-3X*
Pep Newberry 232-2X (V)   236-1X (V) 235-0X (S) 167-1X* (AR)                 240-2X*
*-Tie (V)
248-9X* 237-6X
Walker Smith 244-9X* (V)
232-3X* (V) 247-10X* (V) 244-4X+ (V) 241-2X* (V) 141-5X* (V) 242-5X (V) 246-10X*
246-11X (V) 229-0X+
*-Tie (V)
236-4X* (Tie)
Butch Bennett 247-5X* (S)     246-5X+ (S) 236-2X (S) 249-14X (S) 241-3X+ (S) 244-9X
  249-18X (S)       242-4X
Bubba Cannon   241-0X* (S)         241-6X* (S)                        
Tom Magerkurth   239-1X (S)   245-3X (S)   235-4X (V) 244-3X+ (V)     247-11X+ (V) 227-1X
245-8X+ 247-8X+
  236-4X* (Tie)
Zack Jordan                                      
Jason Allmon   219-1X (V)     188-0X (V) 227-2X (V)       223-2X (V)                  
Alan Padgett DNF
240-5X+ (S) 250-21X* (S) 249-10X* (S) 244-4X* (S) 250-22X* (S) 240-8X (S) 250-19X*
250-20X* (S) 248-6X*
Jeff Evans                                      
Bruce Gibson             DNF (V)           235-3X
Tom Andorfer 229-1X (V)   228-1X (V) 240-1X (V) 222-1X+ (V)       227-1X
221-0X (V) 214-1X
    242-6X 240-6X
Stephen Andorfer                                      

(* = Winner, + = Second)(S = Standard, H = Hunter, V = Varmint)



250 - 25X is the highest possible score

(I.B.S. 50 Yard Targets are used)

Name of Shooter Class Feb Mar Apr May 3 Jun 17 Jun 15 Jul 5 Aug 19 Aug 2 Sep 16 Sep Oct Nov 4 Nov 18 Dec 16
Witte, Dave C 239-3X+ 249-11X+                
Magerkurth, Tom C                            
Padgett, Alan C 248-8X * 240-7X+ 243-2X* 243-4X 249-14X* 249-9X 245-8X 250-10X+ 247-11X* 250-10X* 241-2X 243-9X 246-7X+ 248-10X* 248-9X*
Bennett, Butch C       249-7X*                    
Smith, Walker C 243-8X + 226-1X 238-2X 242-6X 249-9X+ 243-10X 247-7X 249-9X            
Allmon, Jason C       248-9X   244-9X       243-2X        
Heisterkamp, Jason C                            
Wayne, Jody C                            
Everett, Ben C                            
Andorfer, Tom C         246-10X 248-4X 248-7X+ 247-7X   249-11X+   249-8X+   242-9X
Stafford, Richard C   247-8X* 234-4X 248-12X+   250-11X* 250-11X* 250-12X*   247-4X 249-9X* 249-10X* 248-10X* 244-7X+ 227-4X
Andorfer, Joy C           240-3X                
LaMar, Tom S 231-0X                          
Cummings, Bobby S     211-1X       222-1X              
Andorfer, Tom S                     239-4X      
Snider, Jamie S 244-5X + 226-7X                        
Bridges, Shane S 240-4X 241-6X*                        
Magerkurth, Tom S 246-6X * 239-5X+         244-5X* 245-8X* 241-10X 243-7X* 245-9X* 230-3X     245-5X*
Witte, Dave S             241-5X+              
Cummings, Foch S     228-3X*                      
Holland, Johnny S 243-5X #                          
McKinley, Landon S                       233-3X    
Williams, Ricky S                 243-9X+   234-2X (CZ)
239-4X (Sav)
Smith, Walker S                 245-6X* 243-3X+ 244-9X+     246-7X* 242-8X
Calhoun, Jerimy S   226-1X                     236-5X  
Gibson, Bruce                   239-5X          

* = 1st Place, + = Second     C = Custom, S = Sporter




(40 is the highest possible score in both Standard & Hunter Rifle)

Standard Rifle

Match winner is the top combined score shooter for both Standard & Hunter Classes. Match winner = ^,  Class winners = * for 1st place & + for 2nd place.

Cora Heisterkamp A 7 15                    
Name of Shooter Class Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Troy Lawton Mstr
Ricky Sapp Mstr.                    
Cora Heisterkamp Mstr       27 MW            
Tom Magerkurth AAA                        
James Odem AAA                        
Abby Heisterkamp AAA     27 MW 22                
Dennis DuCote AA                        
Mathew Swords AA                        
Bill Nesmith AA                        
Stacy Smith AA                        
David Newsome AA                        
James Odom AA                        
Abbey Heisterkamp AA     19     23            
Dave Witte AA                        
Thomas Lowe A                        
Ben Reese A                        
Alvin Williams A                        
Bubba Cannon A                        
Abby Heisterkamp A                        
Mark Swords A                    
Bruce Gibson A                    
Karen Cooper A                        
Brandi Holland B  
Mark Swords B                        
Jeremy Calhoun B                        
Bruce Hamlin B                    
Butch Bennett B                    
Michael Strickland B                    
Richard Stafford UC                        
Dave Witte UC     18                  
Ron Alcorn UC                        
Michael Strickland UC                        
Alvin Williams UC                    
David Newsome UC                    
Bubba Cannon UC                    

(^ = Match Winner, * = Class Winner, + = 2nd Place, UC= Unclassified, &= Class Change Upward)


Hunter Rifle

Name of Shooter Class Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Ricky Sapp Mstr.                    
Cora Heisterkamp Mstr       29 MW   25 MW 24      
Tom Magerkurth AAA     22     22            
James Odem AAA                        
Cora Heisterkamp AAA     27 MW                  
Stacy Smith AA                        
Abby Hiesterkamp AA     25 23              
Cora Heisterkamp AA                        
James Odom AA                        
Mathew Swords A                    
Ben Reese A             8          
Michael Strickland A                        
Mark Swords A                        
Bruce Hamlin A                        
John Taylor A                        
Karen Cooper A                        
Mark Swords B                    
Rhonda Owens B                        
Abby Heisterkamp B                        
Richard Stafford UC                        
Jason Heisterkamp UC                        
Thomas Lowe UC                        
Bubba Cannon UC                        
Michael Strickland UC                        
Bruce Gibson UC                    
Alvin Williams UC                      

(^ = Match Winner, * = Class Winner, + = 2nd Place, UC= Unclassified)



Shooter's Name 4 Feb - 3 Gun 4 Mar - Carbine  1 Apr - Handgun  1 May - Pistol & Shotgun 3 Jun -
.22 Rifle
 1 Jul -
.22 Pistol
 5 Aug - .22 Pistol & Rifle  11 Sep 9 Oct 4 Nov
2 Dec
Bill Stringer                    
Bob Stringer 413.13 DNF 143.40 257.97 222.70 164.69 242.24   316.80 284.02 196.07
Kevin Baxter                    
Al Gray   243.48             257.20 2nd  
Kelly Strandmark 361.97                  
Derrick Hatchett 294.39                  
Keith Hough   167.78 MW   128.44 MW 132.91 2nd       196.33 MW 279.67 5th - R
Travis Castle   411.58                 339.89
John Simonton   401.30                 270.39
Jason Harris   305.35 4th             394.52  
John Wolfe 275.25# 244.96 117.98 148.25 3rd   178.68 5th 141.21       147.77 2nd
Mark Rhoden       487.10            
Donnie Ledrick   567.62 189.93   270.00          
C. J. Jackson   314.56             338.49 3rd  
Christain Ledrick         639.59          
David Bowker 373.20 291.49 145.88 4th 247.15 4th 255.18 188.99 248.20   381.02 6th 215.06 309.17
Brandon Bowker 257.15+ 193.65 3rd 90.40 MW   283.78   156.08     264.00 4th - R 141.72 1st
Paul Owens     220.01 307.62 6th            
C. J. LaBoure                     150.11 4th
Andy Thalongseni   635.90                
Bobby Simonton                     172.73 5th
Matt Savage                     289.68
Ellis Smith                     319.73
Lane Mixon                     387.13
Darin Barfield                     610.71
Curtis Sirmans, Jr.   424.26     174.33           276.36
Justin Dotson     131.97   184.30 4th 168.63 4th 164.29 3rd    
John Woodington     317.11              
Ricky Phifer Sr     180.58 209.79           216.41 2nd - R
Ricky Phifer, Jr 372.85   137.94 238.25 234.36 5th   241.97     366.72 6th - R
Michael Minshew 435.18 296.60   291.54 5th   223.58     501.35  
Patrick Minshew                    
Zim Ogburn 347.36                  
Randy Banks     100.01 2nd   253.59 6th 186.80 6th         190.43
Ryan Banks     106.62 3rd              
Bill Cox 308.18 312.37 6th 112.41   163.36 192.42     297.43 254.87 3rd - R
Kam Thalongsengchanh   288.52             451.30  
Annette Bowker                    
Chris Ross     145.76              
Ricky Sellers 328.79 187.49 2nd   133.02 2nd 150.19 154.60 3rd 123.86 MW   199.81 1st 138.17 MW-R
George Luther 401.37 243.53 162.35 6th               148.83 3rd
Carlos Layson 418.64 246.47 148.16 5th   179.40 220.82 166.32 4th   341.17 4th 191.25
Tony Mize                    
Don Dunn   327.49                
Brian Wolfe 296.32                  
Harold Ham         147.61 3rd 143.50 MW 213.38 5th   410.40 196.25 1st - R
Jim Schudrowitz                    
Kyle Walker 366.19         143.70 2nd     285.62  
Perry McDonough                    
Bo Spivey     224.47              
Ari Claiborne 252.58* 269.37 108.27   132.48 MW   134.03 2nd       119.07 MW
Chris Wolfe 345.42   111.98              
William Green     163.31 319.43     131.50 1st      
Travis Venanzi     169.16 218.37            
Brenna Byrd     212.06              
Daniel Garbisch   422.15                
Jeff Wells 384.01 344.45                
Sean Huff   309.73 5th                
Mathew Shiver                    
Whitney Shiver                    

* = Class Winner, + = 2nd Place, # = 3rd Place, MW = Match Winner, RO = Range Officer

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